To raise awareness for the #enlistme campaign that we created in 2015, we invited our followers of  GMC's social media pages to take a "virtual" skydive on Memorial Day through a 360-degree video experience, introduced by actor Josh Duhamel. It was an immediate success on Facebook, garnering over 10 million views in a span of a week. People Magazine, Adweek and news stations across the country picked it up.


D Show Award Winner: Best of Show, Digital Media




Leo Burnett Detroit

GMC Social



2016 D Show: Best of Show Digital Media


Team Members

Chief Creative Officer: Steve Chavez

Associate Creative Directors: Stephen Kerry, Matt Perry

Executive Producer: Brian Dooley

Senior Producers: Adam Simmons, Clark Attebury

GMC Account Manager: Amy Drill

GMC Content Manager: Francheska Gjeloshaj

Production Company: ReelFX Dallas

Director: Elliot Dillman

Director of Photography: Samuel Brownfield

Aerial Director of Photography: Craig O’Brien

Editors: Greg Sunmark, Quan Tran

VFX Artists: Laychin Lee, Dan Margules

Color: Laychin Lee, ReelFX

Veteran Jumpers: Team Fastrax, Todd Love, Stephen Valyou