Dale Jr. and his Father have been driving and racing Chevrolets for decades. The assignment was to create

 a series of product videos that would live on chevrolet.com - We knew there was a much bigger story to tell.

We made a touching, long form documentary piece in which Dale spoke about the relationship he had with

his Father and the lineage they shared racing Chevrolets. It generated so much buzz, that it eventually

turned into a :30 national television spot that aired during the Daytona 500.


"LEGENDS"  Longform Video

This :30 commercial below aired twice during the broadcast of the Daytona 500.

Within a couple hours, it generated 300k views on YouTube and chevy.com had 160k visits.

"LEGENDS" :30 / TV

Along with TV, we created three Pre-roll videos that directed people to the long form video and to chevrolet.com

Below are a few photographs I took while shooting with Dale Jr. on his property.



Chief Creative Officer: Steve Chavez

Executive Creative Director: Steve Silver

ACD/Art Director: Steve Kerry

ACD/Copywriter: Matt Perry

Producer: Erik Zaar, Adam Simmons

Director: Karen Fischer

Production: Bunker

Editorial: Beast Detroit

Editor: Chris Chynoweth

Assistant Editors: Jason Stratton, Andrea Ramsay